Manicure & Pedicure

Is a cosmetic beauty treatment for the fingernails and hands, performed in our salon. It consists of filing and shaping of the nails’ free edge, pushing (with a cuticle pusher) and clipping (with cuticle nippers) any non-living tissue (limited to cuticle and hangnails), treatments, massage of the hand, and the application of nail polish. When applied to the toenails and feet, this treatment is referred to as a pedicure.




File & Polish                                   £10.00

Manicure & Polish                         £15.00

Manicure & Shellac                       £17.00

Any of the above + French    Add £3.00


File & Polish                                         £10.00

Pedicure & Polish                                £12.00

Spa Pedicure                                         £17.00

(Nail Care, Dry skin removal, Seat & Feet massage, Moisturize)

Spa Pedicure + Normal Polish          £22.00

Spa Pedicure + Shellac                        £27.00

Any of the above + French         Add £3.00

Shellac take off                    £6.00